Since the holiday season is approaching, I thought a non-business related post might be fun. So the topic for today is
5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Me:
1) I’ve flown above the ground in unconventional ways: I’ve been in a hot air balloon and learned how to skydive on the sand dunes of the Outer Banks.
2) I’ve met a few celebrities: Penn (of Penn and Teller), Ollie North, Ron Livingston (of Office Space) are the most noteable.
3) I have a strong aversion to anything with an artificial orange taste: When I was almost three, I overdosed on St. Joseph’s baby aspirin. That’s the only thing I can trace it to.
4) I used to be a radio DJ: It was at a small AM station in a small town, but it still counts. :)
5) I have no fingerprints: When I was applying for clearances for the schools, the FBI could not get readable fingerprints. (Does that mean I could commit the perfect crime??)

Your turn: What are 5 things I don’t know about you? Comment below!