After the 100th time of being frustrated trying to find a matching lid to one of my disposable food storage containers, I added more of them to my grocery list. Then, when I had some downtime recently, I decided the cabinet where I stored them needed to be organized. I took every container and every lid out, and slowly but surely matched all I could. Surprisingly, I found that, yes, I had many orphan containers and lids, but I also had so many useable storage containers with lids that I didn’t need to buy any more.

There was so much clutter in that cabinet that I thought I’d need to throw the whole lot out and start over. Sure, some containers and lids I had to throw out because they either didn’t match up with anything or they were just in too bad of shape. But the vast majority, once sorted, now met my needs and I could cross those items off my shopping list.

A few days ago, I had a conversation with a client about her blog. She has lots and lots of content out there in the web, in audio interviews and in books she’s written, yet she struggles to routinely come up with regular and meaningful blog posts. It wasn’t necessary for this client to go out and create all new content. All she needed to do was to take time and evaluate what material she had, find the pieces that matched up and still had life in them, then start filing them in her “writing cabinet” of potential blog posts.

You can do the same thing. Take a look through your computer files. Create a new folder of “Blog Post Ideas” and start copying previous articles, tips and any other writing into it. Hire someone to transcribe some audio interviews or podcasts you’ve done. Then, evaluate what you have. Like the containers and lids, see what matches up and stacks up. Maybe you can break one article into multiple parts for a blog post. Maybe you can combine pieces of a few different writings to create a whole new concept or a spin on an existing one.

No, this doesn’t mean you’ll never need to come up with a new piece of writing. You will. I’m sure one day I’ll need to actually buy those disposable storage containers again, but for now simply sorting through what I had will provide me with enough material to last me a while. Since my kitchen cabinet is now organized, I’ll take my own advice and check out my old content and idea files, including the ten half-written blog post “drafts” my new web designer reminded me I had just sitting there. I can’t wait to dig in!