Authors have a common goal: To release their book to the world and be proud of it. It needs to look like a good book, read like a good book and sell like a good book. But so often, authors have other demands on their time. Whether their book is a marketing tool for their primary business, they work day jobs while they pursue their full time writing dreams, or they are full-time authors that need to be out connecting with their readers rather than doing routine tasks, all these clients need the same thing—help with all those necessary tasks to become or remain a successful author.  That’s where we come in.

The Hidden Helpers can solve all these time challenges. With a full range of editorial services—from manuscript reviews to editing services, book management services, and promotional packages, we can guide you from your initial idea to getting your books in the hands of your readers or any step in between. In business since 2003, a certified Professional Virtual Authors Assistant, and a co-author of two successful, self-published books, Lauren Hidden and her team are the author partners you’re looking for.

Writing-Related Author Services:
  • Manuscript Reviews
  • Beta Reading
  • Writing Coaching
  • Editing (Developmental Editing, Copy Editing, Proofreading)
  • Professional bios
  • Website copy
  • Index Term Creation
Author Assistant Services:
  • Securing ISBN number
  • Securing Bar Codes
  • Applying for copyright
  • Applying for distribution (when applicable)
  • Researching self-publishing costs
  • Formatting self-published print or ebooks (occasionally referred out based on complexity)
  • Listing books for sale at online outlets
Author Promotional Services:
  • Creating Author Profiles on Amazon
  • Coordinating book giveaways
  • Coordinating book review requests
  • Updating author website copy
  • Blogging/Social Media Packages
  • Article Marketing/Syndication
  • Writing and distributing press releases

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